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About Us

Publication Objective: to provide information of interest to microscopists.

Microscopy Today is a controlled-circulation trade magazine owned by the Microscopy Society of America that is published six times a year in the odd months. Editorial coverage spans all microscopy techniques including light microscopy, scanning probe microscopy, electron microscopy, ion-beam techniques, and the wide range of microanalytical methods. Readers and authors come from both the life sciences and the physical sciences. The typical length of an article is about 2,000 words plus figures and tables; feature articles are longer.Interested authors should consult "Instructions for Contributors" on the Microscopy Today website: www.microscopy-today.com.

ISSN 1551-9295


The Microscopy Society of America and the editors cannot be held responsible for opinions, errors, or for any consequences arising from the use of information contained in Microscopy Today. The appearance of advertising in Microscopy Today does not constitute an endorsement or approval by the Microscopy Society of America of any claims or information found in the advertisements. By submitting a manuscript to Microscopy Today, the author warrants that the article is original or that the author has written permission to use copyrighted material published elsewhere. While the contents of this magazine are believed to be accurate at press time, neither the Microscopy Society of America, the editors, nor the authors can accept legal responsibility for errors or omissions.

Editorial Details

Editorial Staff

Charles E. Lyman, Editor-in-Chief
Gennifer Levey, Production Manager
Ron Anderson, Executive Editor
Phil Oshel, Technical Editor
Stephen Carmichael, Columnist
Steve Barlow, Education Editor
Thomas E. Phillips, NetNotes Editor
John Shields, Humor Editor
Paul Webster (pwebster@usc.edu), Calendar Editor
Thomas Kelly, Atom Probe Editor

Editorial Board

Arlan Benscoter, Lehigh University
John Bozzola, Southern Illinois University
Peter Crozier, Arizona State University
Vinayak Dravid, Northwestern University
Joseph Goldstein, University of Massachusetts
David Grubb, Cornell University
Bryan Huey, University of Connecticut
John Mackenzie, North Carolina State Univ.
Paul Maddox, University of Montreal
Ania Majewska, U. Rochester Med School
Greg Meeker, U.S. Geological Survey
Joseph Michael, Sandia National Labs
Caroline Miller, Indiana University
Brian M. Patterson, Los Alamos National Lab
Robert Price, University of South Carolina
John Reffner, John Jay College
Ian Robertson, University of Wisconsin
Phillip Russell, Appalachian State University
Glenn Shipley, Citizen Microscopist
Robert Simmons, Georgia State University
Paul Voyles, University of Wisconsin
Simon Watkins, University of Pittsburgh
Cynthia Zeissler, Nat. Inst. of Sci. and Tech. (NIST)